is a place for fathers, mothers and children who have dealt, or are dealing with, the issues of shared parenting and child custody to find their voice and speak their mind.

The goal of this site is to provide a positive and uplifting platform and support group for anyone who has dealt with the life altering act of divorce and losing the ability to be with your child or parent on a daily basis.

We encourage you to take part, write down your thoughts, upload your photo to our LiveShare photo stream and reclaim your voice!

Help us to continue to fight for shared parenting in America!



Listen to Justin Furstenfeld explain what is all about.

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3. Search for "Any Man in America" for the website

4. Write your note & start snapping photos!
5. The photos will populate the Any Man In America LiveShare Stream, and you will have your chance to have your say!

6. See everyone's photos stream live from your phone, on, on, and The Blue October Facebook page

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Learn More.

Learn more about Shared Parenting and Father's Rights and help Blue October shine a cause that is affecting more and more families everyday.

More Support.

If you need more support or are in a dark mood and need to talk with someone there are professionals standing by waiting to hear from you. Pick Up The Phone and talk it out...

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